== Android ==

Running to Android Device (can be done with free version)

If you have problems with your attached device you can get the APK from this directory:
* Linux: $HOME/stencylworks/games-generated/'''YOUR_GAME_NAME'''/Export/android/bin/bin/'''YOUR_GAME_NAME'''-debug.apk
* Mac: $HOME/stencylworks/games-generated/'''YOUR_GAME_NAME'''/Export/android/bin/bin/'''YOUR_GAME_NAME'''-debug.apk
* Windows: %APPDATA%Stencylstencylworksgames-generated'''YOUR_GAME_NAME'''Exportandroidbinbin'''YOUR_GAME_NAME'''-debug.apk
%APPDATA% for instance: C:UsersxxxxxxAppDataRoaming

You can put it on Dropbox or any other file sharing mechanism you can reach with your mobile device.

Android device setting for 'Unknown sources' needs to be activated so you can run the app. (Select once for safety-reasons)

There will be a notification on Screen that the App is published with Stencyl. This will be omitted once you subscribe to the software and you publish it.

== Apple iOS ==

You need a Macintosh OSX computer to run XCode which is Apple's development suite.

This can be a Mac In the Cloud with which I don't have personal experience but seems to work: http://www.macincloud.com

Steps to run your game
* You can run your game in the IOS Simulator without having to own a developer license.

When you have XCode 7 or higher and an IOS device with ios 8 or later you can try this:
* Run iOS Device (even when you don't have an attached device)
* this will fail with message that you don't have a certificate setup
* ignore
* Quit stencyl
* Open XCode
* Open Project and navigate to folder : $HOME/stencylwokrs/games-generated/'''YOUR_GAME_NAME'''/Export/ios
* There should be a file with xcodeprof that is the project file
* on the left pane click the name of your app
* Depending on the view it will show you the targets of the project (You might need to click on the icon in the middle panel)
* Remove the Haxe Target
* Select your device in the upper right corner of the project window
* click the run/build button(>)
* When you don't have an Apple Developers Account you can still run on device
* But you need to register your apple account on the developer.apple.com site
* You don't need to enroll, but you need this account
* In XCode login with this acccount (Xcode->Preferences -> Account)
* When building it will give an error . Click the fix issue and it should allow to run to device