2021-07-01 : New Engine

HTML5 Engine experiments


Multiple JS scripts
rotation (prevent - stay in landscape )
Loading Bar
HTML5 mazeland6
stencyl demo

As a player you need to change into different characters to accomplish tasks. (Latest work first)

New Title/Theme/Design Direction(?) : Mazeland 6 : Land of Mages

To move objects or to interact with objects you use magic.
That removes a few issues with the animation-work-flow.
Pixel perfect / collision detectable object interaction was a problem.

Like pushing/pulling rocks/tree-trunks.
Like chopping wood (no axe -land on tree)

When we move into the magic-realm we can use 'spells' to interact with the objects.

We will have an Action Button (Magic button?)

You can't accidentally push or interact with other objects/characters.

Only when used with the action-key + direction to which the action is aimed, can you do the action.

Another perspective of the trees.

Worked on some trees and bushes. Not sure if this is the right atmosphere:


Experimenting with shadow below characters:

And without shadows:

Elephant and character that can pull instead of push:

A cute doggy:


Herding (With dog/wolf and monk/farmer)






April 2021

Pushing with strongman


3D side-top-down demo

Last drawn 2D version - stencyl file






date & image

Older work / unsorted

With platform on base of character

With shadow

Moving character

Character Stage built up. The scene is getting loaded and the characters are put on the stage.



Different characters on one big stage


Moving characters by switching between them:

Changing tree house and move behind it

Different Levels of shading: 20:





Bushes scanned into one stage:

Objects behind trees:

Different type of characters on stage

When multiple of them same character are on the same scene.

Drawing hedges and scanning them. What a mess that was to get them to align!

Align them to form a rectangle and put my family in it:

Different characters and hedges:

Mower. He mowes the grass into a pile of hay.

Characters moveable on grid .. idea is that the sticks are under the floor. Sticks that hold up characters

Grid with background

Tree-Perspective in the background

Flipping character when changing direction

Trees at the sides of the stage


Experiment with colored objects together with hand drawn characters:

Black&white version

Experiment with black&white background objects together with hand drawn characters:




Bad 3D Demo

Last drawn 2D version
Last drawn 2D version - stencyl file


The handdrawn characters still don't make a good feel for the game.
Also the drawing of the bushes/trees don't satisfy me.

I've experimented with some 3D stuff.
Testing 2D image using png-to-svg and using svg file to import in tinkercad
Also testing using Blender to create boxed/rectangle character. All of them OBJs into mixamo and convert FBX into MD5 or MD2 files and using them with Away3D library .

That didn't give the vibe I was looking for

3D black & white world

Using blender, mixamo, aseprite to make a top-side-down view.

Walking child ... Doubtful on the down-up/right-left perspective:

Strong Man


Solid fill

Two characters of different sizes walk together:

Switching between two characters: (fade)