The outline drawing helps to use Aseprite Magic wand to select the white until it hits the outline.
That makes drawing-scanning-computerization easier.

Next I will focus more on one single level. To make all the assets to make a complete simple level.

In order to do that I wanted to put more life to the level.
  • Butterflies
  • Mice
  • Owls
  • Sparrows
  • Faeries

  • But I went overboard and put too much in :


    The animals are not very clear when they ' only ' occupy one tile. First I experimented with the shadow.

    But a horse is much larger than a human. And we have elephants in the game !!!

    So the horse should be larger or the human should be smaller.

    Maybe it is better when the characters are wearing a mask indicating the type of character it is.
    So when you need an elephant you select the elephant man:

    The background really should need some grass (and later flowers and other forest-things)


    During our vacation I made around 80 trees.
    But they have the wrong perspective :(

    Back to pencil drawings and scanner

    Experimented with transparent papers (different kinds)

    And pencil lead-types.
  • HB : to hard
  • H2 : to vague
  • B3 : just right
  • B4 : too soft
  • b6 : too black
    Decision is made to draw the static objects on plain A4 (printer) paper. Since this is cheaper than the transparent papers.
    All the animations are done on transparent paper.
    Most of the time a Blender Rendered image is used.
    Camera fixed on position and light with a certain intensity.
    1024x1024 rendered image.

    A DOS batch file creates an animated GIF to be used in the own developed HTML5 engine.
    The batch file creates a standard _idle.png when we make a walk animation (.gif)
    A Javascript program then displays the (single frame) image from Blender so that I can draw on to of it using the transparent paper.
    This is scanned into a HP Deskjet 2700 scanner on 600DPI with graytones


    Shading experiments

    What does feel more 'alive' or 'uniform world' using which shading?!

    Darkest (screenshot modification)

    Solid on only the WOODEN_GATE on the left

    Solid light on only the WOODEN_GATE on the left

    Solid lighter on only the WOODEN_GATE on the left

    bit lighter on only the WOODEN_GATE on the left

    Stencyl Demo with perspective for both trees and characters

    When on Black & White we are having problems distinguishing characters. Maybe adding color is a better way?!?!

    November 20, Color GAME

    Another Angle November 19

    Lighting and Blender composition lighting

    Outline on Characters