Make the 'default' rocks (rock.png, rock02.png, rock0x.png lighter and semi-transparent pixel at the base

Different rocks


This month I've been working on the Engine and an Editor.


The results of the LD55 came in and I rated 202th place on Audio. So that investigation time 'paid' out since it was the highest ranking I ever had on audio.
Graphics is a little better and overallit was the highest place I've got : 258th place(from 462).

Starting to work on rewriting engine.
Benchmarked the earlier assumption on animations on iPad1

Benchmark DOM versus Canvas


In April I entered the Ludum Dare 55 compo.
I wanted to use the current state of the game engine to see if it was ready for making games

Also, I wanted to test the multiplayer code

Ludum Dare 55 : Summoning Elements

What I've learned:
  • The game engine did not scale well. On laptop screens the lower part of the screen was not visible.
  • Pushing buttons conflicted with the game state where the mouse events where made for game-states and not for menu-states
  • Multiplayer was way too slow when more than 2 concurrent players where active
  • Luckily some twitch streamer wanted to play the game while some other players where watching the stream.
    We ended up with 4 people online and it wasn't responsive anymore

  • The engine needs a rewrite to handle all devices and scaling
  • New approach to multiplayer will be a focus on a moveable area where others can't come into the area and your input can be done without server interaction.

    April was used to prepare for Ludum Dare by constructing light-weight-client server code to be used in LD
    Also investigating MIDI and learning some music theory


    When switching players we show a menu where the switchingplayer in appears.

    Attempt to make the player character stand out better. Using borders:

    I find without still better:

    Currently I'm deciding on switching by mouse and zooming using a zoom-bar.

    This needs to be extensively tested during game-play.

    The switching between characters needs a smooth transition.


    Starting in 2023 I've worked on zooming code : worldview display.
    The player is fixed on the screen and all the objects are moving ' with ' the player
    Also, switching between the different characters and introducing the characters is very important.
    If you have a large overview of the level you don't realize what the different characters are. The zooming will help with that

    Also a Javascript rewrite was needed since the pushing animations needed more pixels to overlap the pushed object.
    Just adjusting the sprite with extra pixels gave a glitch on the world view.

    Because we will zoom we need better resolution for the images.
    I had 96x96 images and I need to re-scan all the images to match 256x256 pixels.

    Initial zoom demonstration

    And a better pushing in zoom-state (the previous version had more pushing pixels in larger zoom states)